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The Voice | Winter 2022

January 17, 2023

Welcome From the New LINCS Chair

Hello, everyone!

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all LINCS members. My name is Aundrea Peterson, and I am thrilled and honored to serve as your LINCS chair for 2022-23.

I currently serve as the deputy chief of staff and director of communications for the Utah Senate. I have been working for the Utah Legislature for six years. I started working in various communications capacities at the Utah House of Representatives in 2016. Then at the end of 2018, I moved across the hall to the Senate, where I work with senators to develop and implement communications strategies and oversee public relations.

Legislative communication staff work in demanding, unique and constantly changing environments. Many of us experience the same challenges and can learn best practices from one another. To that end, LINCS is a fantastic professional staff association that provides helpful resources and serves as a conduit to connect legislative staff from across the country to gain meaningful professional and personal contacts in the world of legislative communications.

I have benefited professionally and personally from attending the LINCS professional development seminars since 2017. It is my goal that LINCS continues to be a great resource and tool for legislative staff. I know firsthand that much can be gained from participating and engaging with the LINCS community, and I am hopeful you will also.

As chair, my main objectives are to build and strengthen the LINCS community and increase engagement in LINCS activities and professional development programs. To achieve these goals, I will work with the LINCS executive committee, NCSL staff and YOU to enhance opportunities for legislative communications professionals to foster effective relationships specifically designed for legislative communications staff. I encourage you to invite other staff from your state to participate in LINCS meetings, sign up for the email updates and online events.

LINCS recently wrapped up a very successful professional development seminar at the Staff Hub ATL 2022 meeting, the first in-person LINCS event since 2019! I want to thank the immediate past LINCS chair, Will Tracy, the LINCS 2021-2022 Executive Committee, the Georgia Host State and NSCL staff for all their dedication and time in making it such a memorable and valuable experience.

To help the LINCS Executive Committee better understand what is most valuable and important to you and your job, we ask you to take this brief survey.

I hope we have an interactive relationship and that we can help meet your professional needs as we provide support to our fellow hard-working legislative staff. Whether you are an active member of LINCS or are you just learning about our staff association, please reach out to me to let me know how LINCS can best support you and your work! I can be reached at or 801-791-3365.

Recap: Staff Hub ATL 2022

NCSL drew staffers from all across the United States and beyond to the beautiful host state of Georgia in October for Staff Hub ATL 2022. During three packed days of professional development, attendees representing all of NCSL’s professional organizations were able to receive intense, job-focused seminars and learning opportunities. Check out NCSL’s Facebook post with a recap of photos from the week.

Special for LINCS: The first opportunity to gather in person since 2019 was a memorable one. Our host state, Georgia, provided an unforgettable experience. We were able to tour the Georgia State Capitol, view their Senate and House chambers, and enjoy a roundtable with our fellow communicators to share our challenges and tricks of the trade. LINCS members capped it off with an afternoon at Delta Airlines’ Atlanta headquarters, where members learned about staff training, the company’s government relations programs, and, as an added adventure—got to jump out of the back of a plane to test out the emergency landing chute.

You’ll not want to miss the 2023 LINCS PDS. Details will be coming soon, so keep an eye out!

LINCS Board of Directors, 2022-23

During Staff Hub ATL 2022, LINCS chose members of its new Executive Committee. Our new LINCS officers and directors are:


  • Aundrea Peterson, deputy chief of staff, communications director, Utah Senate
    Term of Office: October 2022-October 2023

Vice Chair

  • Camille Taylor, senior media services specialist, photography manager, Georgia House of Representatives
    Term of Office: October 2022-October 2023


  • Jacque Bland, communications director, West Virginia Senate
    Term of Office: October 2022-2023

Immediate Past Chair

  • Will Tracy, production assistant, Arkansas House of Representatives
    Term of Office: October 2022-October 2023


  • Tim Bommel, photojournalist, Missouri General Assembly
    Term of Office: October 2022-October 2023
  • Tim Powers, manager, Information & Teleconferencing, Alaska State Legislature
    Term of Office: October 2022-October 2023
  • Justin Speck, technology and legislative network coordinator, webmaster, Georgia House of Representatives
    Term of Office: October 2022-October 2023

Does Your Message Have a Plan?

The way we communicate, and the way our constituents get their information, has changed dramatically over the years. Are you certain your message is reaching its audience, or has it been a while since you’ve taken stock of your communications plan?

Brian Robinson, a Georgia-based communications consultant with a background as a communications director for both Congressional representatives and a former Georgia governor, shared what he’s learned over his career during Staff Hub ATL 2022.

Check out his insights on why a plan matters, and his six key tips for getting your message heard.

Make the Most of Facebook

Miss the recent webinar on how to make the most of Facebook and Instagram to share the best, most useful content? All of the resources are available to you. Catch up on the tips and tricks and download NCSL’s full Social Media Guide today. Related: Watch this April webinar from the National Legislative Program Evaluation Society on use of social media.

Inform the National Legislative Dialogue

Do you have news you wish you could share with a national audience?

The NCSL Communications Division is your go-to for expanding your reach. You can now amplify your stories and share your ideas through NCSL’s online newsroompodcasts, webinars and more.

NCSL is currently looking to collaborate with LINCS members for fresh content. Have an idea for a legislative topic you wish you knew more about? Is your legislature doing something unique on bipartisanship, legislator training or staff development? Let us know.

Questions? Suggestions?

Do You Have a Question for Your Fellow LINCSters?

For any and all communications-related questions, you can always ask NCSL or post your questions to the LINCS listserv. Please contact the LINCS liaison Carrie Maulin for more information on how to get your questions answered by your peers.

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